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Do you feel sometimes like you need a third hand when refiling your Omnipod pump with insulin? T1-me Vial Syringe Support was designed to help you transfer your insulin from the vial to the syringe, struggle free!

T1-me Vial Syringe Support is a device designed to give you maximum support for much simpler, struggle free transfer of your insulin from the vial to the syringe.

We are the parents of the twin daughters with Type 1 Diabetes. We found that all the people in our family were really struggling to transfer the insulin from the vial to the syringe (that then need to be transferred to the insulin pump). Anxiety raising from not having any insulin intake in the meantime and the other issues like the air bubbles in the syringe made all the process even longer. The thought that our daughters always got worried about it led us to think about a solution to avoid their unnecessary discomfort.

We started working on some support for the vial and the syringe and soon, after testing different designs, this idea expanded into making the T1-me Vial Syringe Support to assist and help others like you, also people with arthritis or nerve damage.

A key design of the device is its’ reusability and storage for the glass vial to protect it from damage after multiple use. There is no need to remove the vial from the protective cover, just put your syringe in and transfer your insulin hassle free.

It gives our daughters more confidence and peace of mind. They helped us to come up with the different, unique colours for the T1-me Vial Syringe Support to go with your own taste and style. Perfect for travel, just keep it in your diabetes bag.

T1-me Vial Syringe Support fits 10ml vials of Fiasp, Humalog, Humulin, Insulin Aspart, Lispro, Lyumjev, Novolin, Novolog, NovoRapid, Tresiba.

Making your life stress and struggle free, giving you more support and confidence is what T1-me Vial Syringe Support is about!

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